MEDAlics Workshop

The MEDAlics Workshop will be arranged on a annual basis along with the Academy activities. The direct correspondence of the two events is thought to stimulate the development of both internal and external networks and to give students the opportunity to attend plenary lectures held by invited speakers, who will be selected among frontier researchers in innovation and development economics as well as technology management and international trade with a specific focus on the Mediterranean area.


The specific issues treated by the workshop will be communicated annualy in due time, but two common themes will be found for each MEDAlics Workshop initiative. On one hand the Workshop will always be related to the nature of the “lics” paradigm, while on the other the attention on the Mediterranean area will be an indefeasible driver.  


Accommodations are provided to invited speakers and are organized for the rest of the audience. The submissions to the Workshop, after being evaluated and discussed by the scientific committee, will be published in the MEDAlics Working Paper Series.  


The first MEDAlics Workshop will be held in September 2013 in Reggio Calabria (Italy). Detailed information on dates, venue, submission and program of the initiative can be found in the Call for Papers 2013.