The Mediterranean Network for the Knowledge Economy and Innovation

The basic intention behind MEDAlics is to create a Mediterranean network of scholars who apply the concept ‘knowledge, learning, systems of innovation and competence building’ as their analytical framework. With the same spirit and passion which guided the development of all existing “-lics” initiatives, in April 2012 a group of Globelics’ scholars started MEDAlics as the core Network for Learning, Innovation and Competence Building Systems in the Mediterranean area.


The region that brings Southern Europe with the Middle East and North Africa, can open our opportunities to bring together relevant information, knowledge and research exchange by sharing experiences on a whole range of topics related to innovation and development. The collaborative distance that is now far can bemade soon nearer by creating the knowledge, innovation, learning and competence building research area.


Organizing both research and training creates deeper cohesion and interconnection among academic institutions and academic activities in Mediterranean countries in order to promote, sustain and express the further integration of the Mediterranean area. Moreover, the complex challenges of forging an integrated Mediterranean area open to the knowledge and learning economy, aligning interests and supporting progress locally cannot be grasped without strengthening the political economy dimension of the research.


At a time where innovation and technical progress have become increasingly the main ways for advancing and promoting economic and social welfare, building both internal and external networks for sharing and exchanging knowledge, research and training are very essential. While external connections are present, even with di­fferent degrees of magnitude ranging from one country to another, there is a need to add a well organized and stable network within Mediterranean countries.


MEDAlics hopes to provide a strong internal network among scholars and academic institutions to enhance, foster and expand the interconnections both internally in the region and externally outside the region. The initiative to build MEDAlics should be seen in this light. MEDAlics off­ers the possibility both to share external ‘network connections’ and exploit synergies within the Mediterranean region.


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