Research Projects
Fundamental, applied and sperimental Research in progress
Democracy, international relations and cooperation in the Mediterranean area
Estendi +

The project aims to illustrate the evolution of regional dynamics from a geopolitical and strategic point of view. The research examines eleven Countries, focusing on political context (institutions, ethnic and religious composition), international relations (the position of the Country in the regional context, alliances and hostilities) international cooperation (agreements with the EU, aid from international financial institutions).

Innovation and competitiveness in the Mediterranean Countries
Estendi +

The project examines the general economic panorama, the state of development of innovation, focusing on mobile services, new media, technology for information, e-government, outsourcing and innovation clusters.

Annual Report on the State and the Evolution of the ICT and Innovation in the Mediterranean Countries
Estendi +

The research project aims to provide an analytical and comparative survey of the Mediterranean Countries based on their economic and technological development. Innovation and competitiveness are, both for governments and for business companies, the strategic key used to deal with the “competition” at national and international level.

POLIcs – Analysis of Italian Innovative Clusters
Estendi +

The study aims to create a comprehensive survey of the performances by the innovative clusters as well as the Italian Science Parks, in a comparative perspective. Its purpose is to identify an Italian excellence in the transfer of technology.


The study analyzes the economic benefits that innovative clusters and science parks determine on the regional and local contexts in recent years.


Two case studies of the Italian excellence in this field will be focused: the Science Park Area in Trieste and the networks for innovation, established in Piemonte and Emilia Romagna (soon also in Calabria).

Market crisis, credit crunch and impact on small and medium enterprises
Estendi +

The PRIN project aims to identify a legal, economic and financial methodology  to understand and explain the causes of cyclical financial crisis . A focus will be made on the interpretation of the laws to protect markets as well as a technical survey on credit flows.