Mission & Vision
Investigating the causes of the Mediterranean gap to optimize policies

The objective of MEDAlics is to consolidate and strengthen existing research networks and the knowledge base for policy strategies. A strong research network is crucial for promoting the well-being and capability of the application of science, technology and innovative development. There are already organizations and networks within the Mediterranean working on issues related to innovation, structural change and development issues.


MEDAlics will add to these networks because it is first and foremost a network of academic scholars studying the dynamics of learning, innovation and competence building. The expectation is that members of the existing networks and organizations in the area of science, technology and innovation will make use of MEDAlics as a platform to share, exchange and enrich scholarship as part of the Globelics network.


The main inspiration of MEDAlics is derived from Globelics’, it seeks to create a global network of academics who apply the theoretical framework of the ‘systems of innovation and competence building’ approach to the analysis of economies in the Mediterranean region. This is an attempt to sustain the complex process of integration and development in this area. The analytical focus of the MEDAlics network is driven by knowledge, learning, innovation and competence building systems, (KLICS).


MEDAlics aims to set critical issues that are central to generating human and ecological wellbeing at the centre of its research agenda.