MEDAlics Policy
The MEDAlics Policy was unanimously approved during the Executive Board meeting of September 27th, 2012. The contents of this document will be incorporated into Article 1.3 of the Statute.

OPENNESS AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS Competitive international procedures are used to select professors and researchers, in line with international standards, which include, the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. MEDAlics selection procedures are based on international standards to attract high-potential doctoral students from around the globe. All post-graduate programs will be held prevalently in English. MEDAlics seeks the continual presence of worldrenowned researchers and professors to enhance its intellectual community.  


MERITOCRACY AND EVALUATION Scholarships and loans are offered to students with the aim of ensuring equal opportunities. MEDAlics teaching and research are evaluated by applying quantitative and qualitative methods recognized by the international scientific community.  


REGGIO CALABRIA AS AN INNOVATION HUB IN THE MEDITERRANEAN AREA MEDAlics contributes to the development and internationalization of Reggio Calabria and its surroundings, promoting human capital mobility and the transfer of research output.  


EFFICIENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY MEDAlics promotes administrative and managerial efficiency.  


RESPONSIBILITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY AND MUTUAL RESPECT All members of MEDAlics are held accountable for these principles in their actions.