Mediterranean Area:
where the North meets South and East meets West

MEDAlics, which was established in 2010 inside the University "Dante Alighieri" of Reggio Calabria in Italy, was created as part of the wider Global Network for the Economic of Learning, Innovation, and Competence Building Systems (GLOBElics).

The core mission of MEDAlics is derived from the original GLOBElics mission, in that it seeks to create a global network of academics who apply the theoretical framework of the 'systems of innovation and competence building' approach to the analysis of economies in the Mediterranean region.

The research areas of MEDAlics include innovation and applied economics, technology management with particular reference to ICT, international trade and market globalization, sustainable development, innovation systems and historical relations in the Mediterranean.

MEDAlics Research Networks partners

  • Fondazione MASI
  • Globelics
  • MEDAlics
  • Think!